5 Self-Reflection Massage Tricks

August 16, 2019 Off By Shalytta

Dense work, college assignments that accumulate or even after the holidays, usually will leave a feeling of fatigue and aches in the body. If that’s the case, you want to immediately call a masseuse or go to a reflexology site that is now easily found everywhere. Unfortunately, sometimes we have not found a suitable masseuse to be called home or too lazy to go to a reflexology place. As a result, the existing aches are left just like that and go to massage in Hendersonville, NC

Although it will disappear by itself, actually massage is not only done to get rid of aches but also as a means of self-reflection to eliminate fatigue and fatigue. And apparently, you can do it yourself at home, you know. If it turns out that the masseur subscription is not able to come, just do the following steps!

1. Start with a warm bath

To stretch muscles, start with a warm water massage. If possible you can continue with soaking in saltwater. This solution is believed to relieve pain. Of course, after bathing, the body feels more relaxed. You can go to the next stage.

2. Prepare oil for massage or body lotion

Don’t forget to prepare oils for massages such as olive oil, massage oils, balms or even lotions. In addition to heating the body, oil can facilitate massage because it makes the body slippery. To use massage oil, just place one drop in one hand then rub it with both hands for at least fifteen seconds until the oil in the hand feels warm.

3. For headaches, you can massage the shoulders and neck

If your fatigue and aches are accompanied by headaches, massage your neck and shoulders as well. Use your left hand to massage your left shoulder and left neck, and vice versa. Do it gently and slightly stronger, starting under the head and then down to the shoulder. When you feel something stiff, massage in small circular movements, massage clockwise and then counterclockwise.

4. You can also make the ball a tool to massage the back

Your back will certainly be a difficult part to reach if you massage yourself. Don’t worry, you can still reach it with the help of the ball. Choose according to your convenience, you can use tennis balls for basketball. Press the ball against the wall or the floor with your back, move your body back and forth and in a circular motion.

5. For the sole, center on the following 3 sections

For the sole, focus on the following 3 sections;

For the soles of the feet, massage using the thumbs of the fingers. Press down with enough force, not too hard

For heels, hold hands and massage evenly

As for the toes, move and rotate the toes up, down, left and right with your hands, then pull the toes and massage the gap between one finger and the other fingers.

Now, you don’t need to worry when you are tired. By doing a few tricks above, you will easily get rid of aches and fatigue that whack. Hope it’s useful, yes!