Types of the Roof Truss

August 11, 2019 Off By Shalytta

The roof of the house becomes a very important part of the house beside the foundation. If the foundation strengthens the bottom of the house to be able to lift the weight on it, then the roof serves to protect the occupants of the house from heat and rain. In making a roof, the part that needs more attention in the frame. If the frame is slickly constructed the installation of the roof covering will be easy. The heavier the roof material used, the bigger or thicker the roof frame needed. You can also ask for help from the best roofing contractor Oshkosh for installing the best quality new roof.

Types of the roof truss

Previously the roof of the house was only built using wood, but now the roof is very much. Let’s first identify the type of roof based on the material used as follows:

Reinforced Concrete Roof

The reinforced concrete roof has a variety of shapes ranging from flat, tilted and even dome. In working on this roof requires molds of steel bones which will later be filled with cement, sand and split rock. The framework of this reinforced concrete roof is known to be complicated and heavy, but for its durability, you need not doubt.

Lightweight steel roof

If the concrete roof is considered heavier then you can use a lightweight steel roof as an option. This roof frame is lightweight but very strong for all types of tile. Apart from that, it is free of termites and the installation process is also very fast. This steel roof is made using zinc, aluminum and of course steel that is molded in certain shapes. The chassis is thin but not neatly arranged so it is not interesting to look at.

Wooden Frame Roof

As the name suggests this roof uses wood as a roof truss. The weakness of the framework of the roof, of course, easy to eat termites. Wooden frames are not resistant to mold or fire, but wood frames are easier to shape than other types of roof trusses. This wooden roof truss can be tilted even triangular.